Your smile and perfect dental care is the best recognition
to yourself and to your surrounding.
Your treatment!

Your treatment!

You have a relationship to your teeth as to your partner or your flowers. Once you feel the trust is gone or faith is failing, as cracking teeth or pain, we bring balance back. With careful and precise dental care, we restore faith in your teeth and enhance your esteem

...... treatments listed down below:

* excellent emergency dental care
* root canal with warranty

Dental injuries
* fillings, crowns and inlays

Tooth loss
* dental bridges, inlays, implants, dentures

Loosening teeth
* treatment of periodontal disease
* cure for bad breath
* dental bridges, inlays, bridges, implants, dentures

Stress disorders
* splint
* bite analysis

Whiter, shapely teeth
* teeth whitening
* removable orthodontics
* veneers and tooth jewelry

Dandent works with root canal material N2, for more information on N2, see or


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