Your smile and perfect dental care is the best recognition
to yourself and to your surrounding.


Ulla Salström Lena Trulsson Berit Lönn Greising

A  tooth with cavity is not a problem of severe gravity, but Daniel he will fix it right away and walk the extra mile to save your precious smile. Choose a dentist with style!

What a chap!

Ulla Salström

Dandent always find a solution to keep ones own teeth, and they have a unique ability to take into account patient preference and specific needs.

If they cannot with a standard solution, there are always alternative solutions to suit patient needs.

Lena Trulsson

It is both gratifying and stimulating to work with Daniel. He gives dental technician the best conditions, so that we can produce dental crowns and veneers of the highest quality. Meanwhile, his commitment to a perfect smile and a happy patient is total.


Berit Lönn Greising


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