Your smile and perfect dental care is the best recognition
to yourself and to your surrounding.
Our Profile!

Our Profile!

Dentistry; that's what you pay for your sins, as one of my patients put it...
Could be. Almost as Siberia, everyone knows where it is, but nobody wants to go there. But if you for some reason end up in a cold and distant place, open the door to a warm cabin. We want you to enter a friendly warm atmosphere designed for best dental treatment. Respectfully listening, checking and evaluating your dental problems we find an optimal cure. Remember your teeth to be precious part of the body who deserve saving. Dedicated to saving teeth is first priority.Treating periodontitis is an unfortunate exception. In these cases severly infected and loosening teeth must be sacrificed.

Our obligation is to preserve and maintain your teeth. Allthough the biological framework for dental treatment will remain, still some measures and remedies superceed others. In a very commonlike condition such as deep decay and subsequent pain, it's most essential the dentist doesn't hesitate to use optimal tools to disenfect a rootcanal. Conclusively, we guarantee our rootcanals three(3) years. We believe there is better dental care than "I'm sorry, there's always implants" .. Of course, we also offer you this help, but not without proper "analog" dental care as your first choice. This is good dental care and not "money for your sins"....

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