Your smile and perfect dental care is the best recognition
to yourself and to your surrounding.
Dentist - Daniel Rigsjö

Your security - gentle dental care!

Daniel Rigsjö could be your dentist in Gothenburg. You will not be disappointed. With more than 30 years i general dentistry capacity to treat most dental problems is in the front line. This is absolutely recognised when applied to crown and bridgework as for rootcanal and dentures.

Note; rootcanals come with a guarantee of 3 years. See, Also bleeching and topclass estetic therapy, such as veneers, is often performed and highly appreciated.

The patient is the dentists most precious valuable. Treated by an excellent dentist you should expect to be guided in a professional manner with empathy and absolute accuracy to reach for the best of dental conditions. This is why dental care requieres an awake and concentrated dentist. One of my mentors once told me it is not unlike the demands on any athlete... I am convinced my personal background in sports has been a great asset to focus better in the dental profession. These days they still recharge my batteries! Look closer here.

We greet you in a welcoming and spacious environment with gentle dental care to affordable prices.

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